The importance of content marketing

You’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘content marketing’ several times, but as a busy business owner, why should you invest time in it?

The reason is simple. In the digital age, your business will live or die by content marketing - it’s that important.

Today, we’d like to explain why.

Three types of content marketing

Content marketing isn’t just about blogging (although you’d be forgiven for assuming that’s the case).

Here are the four main types of content you can work with as a business:

  • Written. Yep, blogs. But, also, eBooks, studies and white papers. Just make sure it’s fresh and relevant.
  • Spoken. Podcasts are booming, and they’re the best example of audio-based content that works.
  • Visual. Video marketing is one of the stickiest forms of content on the web, and it will be for the foreseeable future.
  • Interactive. This slightly more nascent form of content marketing isn’t as simple to produce, but includes quizzes, games and online challenges.

The best news? Any business in any industry can use all three forms of content marketing above. And that’s exciting, no?

Why your business needs content marketing

So, we’ve nailed down the types of content you can start working on, but before you pick up your digital pen, camera or microphone, it’s important to think about the why.

Leaping into content marketing without a solid plan or rounded idea of why you need to will result in an awful lot of wasted time.

Here are five reasons your business needs content marketing.

1. It’ll give your company a voice

Does your company have a defined voice that is recognisable within the industry? Probably not, unless you’re investing time in content marketing.

Whether that content is written, spoken or played out in front of a camera, it’ll start to give your business a voice, and one which customers (both potential and existing) will start to recognise - and trust.

2. It’s brilliant (no, vital) for SEO

A lot of money can be thrown needlessly at search engine optimisation (SEO) if you don’t invest just as comprehensively in content marketing.

SEO can’t really survive without decent content. This is why your SEO company will want to see regular blogs and content they can tune to best suit Google.

3. It’s what your customers want

No, really - they do!

Sure, they want your products and services, too, but they also want to hear your point of view on industry topics, news and the challenges they’re facing.

Write it, record it and publish it, and they’ll come.

4. It’ll produce leads

There’s a misconception with content marketing that it rarely results in leads and that you have to wait eons for anything to happen as a result of it.

This isn’t true. When undertaken correctly and consistently, content marketing will produce leads for your business, and they’ll be some of the highest-qualified you’ll receive.

5. It’ll set you apart from the competition

Take a look at your competitors’ blog pages and social media channels; are they producing decent content on a regular basis?

Content marketing is often so misunderstood and under-utilised that they probably aren’t. So, if you jump in with a brilliant content marketing strategy, you’ll put yourself ahead of those guys.

That’s what you’ve been wanting to do for ages, isn’t it?

Wrapping up

Content marketing isn’t a bandwagon or passing phase - it’s something every business should invest time and marketing budget in.

Have we given you the impetus to start creating brilliant content for that hungry audience of yours?

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