The power of Google Analytics

At the time of writing, COVID-19 is causing every business owner significant worry. No one knows how long it’ll put businesses out of action for and what the lasting impacts will be.

However, we think it’s essential to remain positive during times like this, and, if you’re a business owner, strategizing about your marketing is a brilliant use of your time at the moment.

There’s a great tool that will help you significantly here, but it might be one you’ve overlooked.

Google Analytics, on the face of it (and if you log in just briefly to take a look), appears to be an absolute monolith. It seems to be unapproachable and nothing more than a confusing mess of numbers, bar graphs and pie charts.

That isn’t the case, though, and what follows are five reasons it should be within your marketing arsenal.

1. It’s free and made by Google

Let’s get the most obvious benefit out of the way first - Google Analytics is free and you gain access to pretty much all of it by simply signing up.

It’s also made by Google, which means it’s fed by the most comprehensive set of online data points available. And Google is unlikely to be going anywhere soon, therefore you can expect this crucial tool (for them as much as us) isn’t going anywhere.

2. It collects data automatically

Google Analytics (GA) is pretty easy to set up on any website, and the best news is that it’s a set-and-forget task.

Once you’ve configured GA for your website, it’ll sit there happily collecting visitor data for you automatically and in a completely compliant fashion. All you have to do is log in and make use of that data.

3. It’s customisable

Most people don’t realise that Google Analytics can be heavily customised.

So, when you log in and feel overwhelmed by the amount of options available, just remember that you can tailor what’s on offer to suit your requirements perfectly.

Google themselves have created a brilliant guide on how to make your own reports which is definitely worth a read before you get too bogged down with what’s already available.

4. You can find out what people are searching for - within your website

Focusing on the search terms and traffic Google provides you with is of course important, but there’s a nifty little feature in GA that many people overlook.

Within the Site Search section, you can find the search terms people are using within your own website (a bit of customisation is needed for this, but it’s quite straightforward).

This is a great way to discover content that’s missing from your website and ensure you’re delivering exactly what people want.

5. You’ll get to the bottom of why people are bouncing

A bounce is simply when someone lands on your website and leaves pretty much straight away.

As percentages go, it’s one of the most depressing indicators that things aren’t working when it comes to websites. However, GA can help you dig into exactly why people are bouncing.

Beyond the overall bounce rate for your website, GA enables you to look at bounce rates by page. And that’s where the goldmine of information can be found. Which pieces of content simply aren’t hitting the spot? Where are people dropping out of the customer journey?

Wrapping up

You simply can’t take a detailed look at how you website is winning or losing without Google Analytics.

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to setup that free account today, but if you need further reason to use GA or would like some expert help, the NESEO Training team can help.

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