The benefits of custom SEO training over off-the-shelf training

Far too many businesses have wasted money on off-the-shelf training.

It’s an easy mistake to make. Off-the-shelf, rigid training has its place, but because it tries to be one thing to many, this form of training is often too generic to offer real value.

This is particularly the case when it comes to SEO training. Search engine optimisation is such a broad area of expertise, and that’s why it demands custom training to ensure learning time isn’t wasted.

Here are some of the key benefits of custom SEO training.

1. Training content is more relatable

If you undertake an off-the-shelf SEO training session, you’ll find elements of the course content that are genuinely useful and relatable.

Unfortunately, that renders everything else rather irrelevant and a waste of training investment.

Custom SEO training is far more relatable because it is uniquely tuned to your organisation’s requirements. That means it will link with real-world scenarios and be far more meaningful.

2. You can update as and when needed

SEO changes at lightning pace, and in order to keep up with the latest trends, tools and techniques, you need to top up your training.

Doing this with rigid training sessions isn’t particularly effective, but custom SEO training can be added to as and when you need it, enabling you to update your knowledge far more cost effectively.

3. You can align training with your goals

Perhaps the most significant benefit of custom SEO training is that it can be aligned directly with your company goals.

Let’s say you’re a software developer and you want to increase sign-ups to your app by 20% next year. SEO will probably play a big role in acquiring those new users, and you’ll therefore benefit significantly from training that’s customised to focus on lead generation for your industry.

That’s just one example, though; custom SEO training can be moulded to fit brand values, company image and whatever it is you want to achieve with your website.

4. ROI is easier to calculate

Assessing the effectiveness of training has always been difficult, but if you invest in custom training, you’ll have a much easier time of it.

This is because each element of the training undertaken should link to a company goal of specific outcome. Therefore, once the training has been delivered, you’ll be able to accurately assess the impact it’s had on your goals.

5. Learners will be far more engaged

We’ve all sat through boring training sessions. And that’s usually because a significant portion of the content was completely irrelevant.

With custom course content, learners will not only be more engaged, they’ll actually enjoy the process of gaining knowledge.

This will in turn improve the retention of information and reinforce the value of training. You’re therefore far less likely to hear “we don’t see the benefit of these training sessions” from people who need to go on a course.

Wrapping up

It’s time to leave off-the-shelf training where it belongs - in the past. Custom SEO training is now the best way to get what your need from this vital element of digital marketing.

Why not book your very own custom SEO course today?

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